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Working hard to keep you & your customers safe, 110v & 240v appliances tested


A bit about me......

Hello, My name is Steve.
I qualified as a Pat Tester in 2014 after spending most of my working life in the building trades.

My aim is to give you 100% satisfaction, 
making the whole process as simple and stressfree as possible, 
and keeping you and your customers safe .
I am DBS checked

I also trained in Fire Risk Assessments & Fie extinguisher servicing.

Prices for Pat Tester Suffolk

Our price structure is very simple; Our minimum charge is just £40.00 which covers up to the first 15 items. 
It is then £1.50 per item .
There are no hidden extras and we do not charge VAT. 
These prices are dependant on being given free and easy access. 
We reserve the right to charge for our time if we have to wait unduly or if the appliance is difficult to access. 
Please note our payment terms are 7 days Maximum. 
It applies to all equipment covered by the regulations, whether rated as portable, transportable or stationary. 
A label will be attached indicating whether the equipment passed or failed the tests. 
If an item fails we simply place a failed sticker on the item, and let the responsible person know. 
A new fuse can be fitted on request for a total cost of £1.00 each. 
FREE repair of faulty or incorrect connections in the mains plug or power connector. 240v only 
We can fit a new BS plug if needed for a cost of £5.00 
Portable appliance Certificate of Testing included. (once invoice has been paid in full)
Terms and Conditions can be viewed at  T&C's
We now do Frie Risk Assessments & Fire Extinguisher servicing, 
If services are booked together we can give a nice discount to help your business.

Fire Safety Suffolk

I now do fire risk assessments & Fire Extinguisher servicing, in holday lets, offices, shops etc.
Please click the button below which will take you to my sister site.
Just another way i am trying to keep you and your customers safe.

Fire Safety Suffolk

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Why Pat Tester Suffolk?
Why Indeed...
Is it because although it is only me, I am still the biggest Pat Testing business in the LOCAL area.
There are lots of businesses that claim to be local, but we know they aren't, I AM.
All my prices are transparent, There are no hidden charges and I am not VAT registered so no VAT to add.
Free detailed report and certificate will be emailed to you as soon as payment is received.

Is PAT testing a legal requirement?
  • The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 make it your responsibility to make sure all your electrical equipment is safe to use.

  • So you should regularly inspect, test and maintain electrical appliances to make sure they’re compliant.

  • If you don’t do this, you could be putting yourself, your employees and your business at risk.

How often do I need Pat Testing?

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your electrical appliances are safe.Usually It is yearly (although there are exceptions)As soon as your appliances are compliant, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to get them tested again. 

Our free reminder service will let you know when it’s time to get in touch to book in a PAT test.

What happens during a Pat Test?

We carry out a number of inspections and tests.

1. A visual examination – We look for any damage to the appliance that may cause it to be faulty. This is an incredibly important part as most fails happen at this stage.

2. An in-depth inspection and test – This helps us pick up on any damage that may not be immediately visible. It includes earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance checks. the appliance will need to be unplugged.

3. Once we’ve completed these tests, we conduct a function check to ensure that everything works as it should do.

What needs to be Pat Tested?

Any appliance that has a plug needs to be PAT tested. This includes:

1. Stationary equipment. ie. Fridges, freezers.

2. IT equipment ie all pc's like pc tower & laptops.

3. Moveable equipment under 18kg ie. kettles, blenders.

4. Portable equipment ie. table saws.

5. Hand-held equipment ie. power tools.

How much does the test cost?

I have a fixed price structure.

£40 minimum, This covers up to the first 15 tests Then after that it is only £1.50 per test.

There are no hidden extras, the only extra that may be charged is travelling if I have to travel more than 10 miles.

Can anyone carry out Pat testing?


As a Pat Tester I had to undergo extensive training. I had to sit an exam and learn how to use the complicated equipment. (yes i did test everything in my own home).

To carry out a PAT test you need to have the right training. Ideally, you need to hold a certification in PAT testing or higher. You’d also have to buy a PAT testing machine which needs annual calibration and labels to generate reports too.

I am certified, insured  & DBS checked so you can be and assured all of your appliances are compliant.